HAAD/DHA/MOH Licensing Services for Healthcare Professionals

Working as a healthcare professional in UAE requires a specific healthcare license either issued by Dubai Health Authority (DHA) or by Health Authority Abu Dhabi (HAAD). In most cases, an exam has to be taken to ascertain competence and experience in providing healthcare services. Obtaining one of the licenses that allows healthcare professionals to work in the UAE can be a complicated, prolonged and costly process. Fortunately, THMS is there to help you from start to finish.

Our team of professional and friendly licensing consultants will assist you on your dataflow needs, DHA & HAAD exam registration, license sponsorship, license conversion and other related services. We will make sure that everything is covered based on your needs and requirements.

Our licensing team are excited to speak with you and answer your queries. Give us a call at +971 3 766 0025 or email us at info@thehealth.ae.