Continuing Medical Education

CMED is a division of The Health Medical services company which is based at Al Ain city of Abu Dhabi Emirate,CMED is provider of continuing medical education (CME) or continuing health education (CHE) activities and events to health care professionals and is acting for the promotion and advancement of excellence in medical education through United Arab Emirates(UAE) .


The mission of the Continuing Medical Education Division (CMED) is to support the continuing professional development of physicians and other health professionals within UAE, by offering opportunities to enrich and extend their medical knowledge.


To achieve excellence in all aspects of UAE medical and Health education.


CMED's mission is to promote and advance excellence across the continuum of medical education in UAE by:

  • Advocating for medical education and medical educators, by Supporting faculty and educational development and by encouraging research in medical education through networking and scientific activities.
  • supporting CMED members and others in their educational roles .
  • encouraging scholarly inquiry in medical education.
  • promoting the development and application of evidence and best practices in medical education.
  • Advocating for excellence in medical and Health education throughout UAE.