Medical Staffing (Qualified Doctors, Nurses, Technicians, others)

THMS has a dedicated team focusing on the recruitment and licensing of medical, nursing and paraclinical staff to ensure that we have sufficient number of internationally qualified staff for our home healthcare division and medical facilities at the same time address the need of other healthcare facilities and organizations when it comes to employment and recruitment of medical and technical staff.

At THMS, we do the following medical staffing services:

  • Candidate and talent sourcing for various medical professionals including nurses, doctors, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, technicians, consultants and other allied staff through a tried and tested system, ensuring international quality.
  • Background checking, Interview and Shortlisting, and Payroll Administration
  • Process legal and licensing formalities pertaining to the country of origin and the country of location of the staff before completing the recruitment process.
  • HAAD & DHA Licensing Services

We are excited to speak with you and provide you with much needed qualified medical staff. Give us a call at +971 3 766 0025 or email us at