Message from the CEO

Welcome to The Health Medical Services website.

Since we started in 2007, we at The Health Medical Services (THMS) have set ourselves a clear vision and mission to guide us in everything we do. Today, those very same aspirations have steered us to emerge as one of the largest home healthcare providers and the leading choice for healthcare-related services in the entire UAE community.

Our comprehensive array of services offers a holistic approach which gives us an industry advantage as we provide customers a complete, customisable and tried & tested products and services.

Our clinical and non-clinical professionals together with our well-established local and international partners have rich knowledge and vast experience in the medical field. They are one of the main reasons to spur growth through the years by delivering the safest and the highest quality healthcare services and solutions.

Just recently in 2017, our Home Healthcare companies were the first companies to be accredited by US-based Accreditation Commission for Health Care (ACHC) outside of America and the entire Gulf Region. This reflects our utmost dedication and strong commitment to meeting international standards that facilitate a higher level of performance and patient care. This also means that patients and their families can take comfort in knowing that they will receive the highest quality of care possible.

We refuse to rest on our laurels, hence we continue to grow and improve our services every day for you and the whole community.

On behalf of all the great people behind THMS, we thank all our clients for putting their trust in our services, in our people and in our leadership. We assure everyone that The Health Medical Services will continuously look for innovative ways to better its performance, expand its client base, reach out to more significant partnerships, conquer new challenges and achieve greater heights of success.

Best regards,

Dr. Ahmad Al Haje

Chief Executive Officer

Message from the GM

I warmly welcome you all to our new THMS website and thank you for showing interest in our success story and how we can collaborate in many ways. We are a dynamic team of healthcare and non-clinical professionals who are steadfast to providing comprehensive, evidence-based and expert services in Al Ain, Abu Dhabi, Dubai and the rest of UAE community.

In this revamped website of THMS, we introduce to you our unique story and share the many different aspects of healthcare in which we can work together successfully. As you go through each page, you will have a better understanding that aside from being one of the largest home healthcare providers in UAE, we also take pride in helping the healthcare industry by serving healthcare professionals as well as private and government sectors when it comes to health-related services such as professional licensing, management of medical facilities, providing doctors & nurses to schools, construction sites, oil & gas fields, conducting education & training programmes and delivering ambulance services during events, among others.

Our never-ending desire to provide the best for the people in our lives – our family, friends, loved ones and the community in which we live -serves as an ultimate driving force for THMS.  We also look for the best doctors, nurses and consultants, reach out to best partners, get the best technology and adhere to best practices in order to provide the greatest possible care and service for our clients.

If you ever need healthcare of any kind, we hope that you would make THMS your first choice based on our excellent and long-established track record in safety, reliability and effectiveness.

We are thrilled and looking forward to work hand in hand with you in achieving your individual and/or organisational objectives.

Best regards,

Dr. Mamoun Theyabat

General Manager